“This is so unfair but I’m so thankful”

I called my mom a few days ago. As soon as she picked up, the knot in my throat dropped and tears streamed down my face and all the emotions that I couldn't process this week bubbled to the surface. "Hey. I'm not having a good time right now and I'm not sure why." But,... Continue Reading →


Thank you, 26. Next.

I've never been really into my birthday. I guess that's what happens when your birthday is right around the same time as Thanksgiving (and, hunting season... not like that means much to me, but it does to the friends that I grew up with). Growing up, I've rarely celebrated my birthday on my birthday. I've... Continue Reading →

I’m NED. Nice to meet you.

Wow. Okay. So, here's the thing: Your favorite sick girl ain't so sick anymore. Isn't that wild? I haven't even reached my one year since my diagnosis date and yet, here I am, cancer free. To be honest, I wasn't sure this would actually happen to me. My cancer is aggressive. Not too many patients... Continue Reading →

The Best of the Worst

Welp, as of yesterday I've survived a full year of cancer. Isn't that wild? I thought that I'd take the time to go through all the cool things that I've been able to do despite going through five surgeries, menopause, 24 weeks of chemo, and depression. And, here we go!   Seeing Radiohead: Those that know... Continue Reading →

Don’t Call Brain Names

The human body is a wicked thing to think about. And the brain is even more wicked. Your body produces neurotransmitters that help influence how your brain reacts. There are seven major ones: Glutamate (helps strengthen connections between neurons) Acetylcholine (helps with the control of things like muscle contraction, heart rate, memory and digestion) Norepinephrine... Continue Reading →

Heh, heh… Blaze it.

I am stoned out of my mind right now. When I'm stoned, I usually think about how crazy life is, how contradictory it is. I think about the beauty and the darkness and how they create this balance that I love and sometimes hate. That constant flow. It's a struggle, the way the bad follows... Continue Reading →

Error: Complex emotions

Not being able to sleep means that I spend most nights in my own thoughts for hours on end. Lately, I've been struggling with the idea of intimate relationships. For most of my life, I've been "Friend Kelly". To my knowledge, I am not the kind of woman that men reach out to for intimate... Continue Reading →

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